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  2. December 17(Friday) , 2021

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    MP Series modular UPS is designed to meet with the higher demands of the power system and the products with high reliability. The system uses the original doubl…
    MT Series modular UPS is designed to meet the demands of the power system that requires only one cabinet and enjoy high availability, reliability and flexibilit…
    Intelligent Modular UPS Power Distribution System mainly provides safe, manageable, expandable, maintainable and intelligent and incorporate power distribution …
    HPower featured 3-in 3-out UPS power is specially designed for critical medium and large systems, such as data processing centers, communications systems, and e…
    SBW and SBW-F Series three-phase high-power automatic Compensating Stabilized Voltage supply are energy-saving types that were developed by our company, combini…



    We guarantee the users to freely use the productions of Powe…MORE>>

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    Stand-Alone Operation Solution
    With the UPS core technology, the whole performance even bet
    Parallel Server Redundancy
    In order to have an approximate value concept of the reliability, here just discuss the UPS itself parallel operation, because those essential breaker switches …
    Dual Bus (N +1)
    Plan features: high usability, high reliability, high fault ...
    Dual Bus Modular (N + X)
    Plan features: high usability, expansibility and maintainabi...
    Modular UPS
    Modular UPS standard structural design, each system consists...
    Network Monitoring Software
    IDC is a high-speed Internet control centers, which bear on ...